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Grow your business and pay overtime.

Hire a marketing agency for your small business and pay on your own terms.

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The easiest way to pay
for your marketing.

Pay how much you can.

GHC500, GHC1,000, you decide how much you can afford to pay at any given time.

Pay how
often you

Weekly or monthly, decide which payment frequency is convenient for your small business.

Pay however
you want

Securely schedule automated repayments from your bank, card, or mobile money. Your choice.


How it works

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1. Create your campaign

Add the name of your campaign and the type of campaign it is.


2. Set up your payment options

Choose your preferred payment amount, frequency, and mode.


3. Submit your campaign brief.

Attach a brief document, answer a questionnaire, or speak to an Account Manager.


4. Track your campaign

See how your campaign is doing, all insights and timelines in real-time.



  • Who can sign up on iSupreme Pay?

    iSupreme Pay will be available to registered small small businesses in Ghana that can spend between GHC500 to GHC2,000 monthly marketing.

  • How often can I pay?

    UYou can opt to pay weekly or monthly depending on how convenient it is for your small business. We use an algorithm to spread your payments across a period of time based on how often and how much you want to pay..

  • How do I guarantee exact deliverables?

    You will be assigned an Account Executive whenever you create a campaign. The Account Executive will work with you to ensure all deliverables, timelines and expectations are met and to address all your concerns. The in-built live chat let’s you chat with your assigned Account Executive with convenience.

  • Can I choose my own agency or freelancer to work with?

    We are working on opening up iSupreme Pay to other agencies, and freelance creatives in later updates so you get to decide your preferred agency. In the meantime marketing services are provided by iSupreme Digital.

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